Amorello's History

Our Story

Antonio Amorello was just 17 in 1914, when he left his home in southern Italy and boarded a steamship for America. He had only $7 in his pocket and a profound belief in the American dream in his heart. That was all he needed.

The first thing he did in America was buy a shovel for $1. Soon thereafter, he started his own company specializing in cement work. As cars became more common, Antonio saw great opportunity, expanding first to garages, then to gas stations and sewer lines.

Eventually, Antonio’s four sons–William, John, Edward and Anthony–joined him in the business. With the postwar building boom and the brothers’ return from the service, A.F. Amorello expanded into water lines and road building.

Today, a third generation of Amorellos is involved in running the company: Anthony’s sons, James and Joseph. The company has grown beyond anything that Antonio could have ever imaged. The 100-year-old company is one of the oldest and most respected construction companies in Worcester County, recently expanding into Asphalt and Aggregate Manufacturing, Highway Construction and Site work.